20 July, 2022

We present BFF (Best Friends Forever), our new Limited Edition THE GEL POLISH Collection! 💅

6 new fresh, feminine and fun shades that are a tribute to best friends! 👯‍♀️


A BFF is:

Like a true sister in our heart.

Someone who we share dresses, nail polishes and favorite lipsticks with!

Someone who gives color to our life when it all seems gray!


Embrace this love and celebrate friendship on your nails with the shades:

BF1 / Light blue with soft blue shimmer.

BF2 / Lime yellow.

BF3 / Teal with mermaid-like shimmer.

BF4 / Soft bubble gum pink.

BF5 / Lavender with multicolored shimmer.

BF6 / White with multicolored shimmer.