16 January, 2020

Life is made of memories, emotions and bonds that we create with the people that are dearest to us.

The new collection The Power of LoveGel Polish*, is the celebration of LOVE in its fullness – love for the family, friends, pets and, above all, self-esteem.


We present 6 limited edition shades:

Child PL 1 (Pastel Pink): It represents a greater love of an unmatched dimension – the love for our children.
Friends PL 2 (Pop Pink): It represents the love for our friend – the family we chose.
Soulmate PL 3 (Blood Red): The love for our soul mate – the person that inspires us to want to be the best version of ourselves. 
Family PL 4 (Burgundy): The love for the family – where life begins and love has no end.
Pet PL 5 (Aubergine Purple): The love for our pet – with whom each arrival at home is a welcome party.
Self-love PL 6 (Deep Purple): It represents self-esteem – Know yourself. Accept yourself. That’s the only way for you to be truly happy.

*Limited Edition. Advanced Formula – Solvent Free and Highly Pigmented.