Two irresistible, ultra-pigmented and easy-to-apply eyeshadow palettes. 

One palette with warm tones and another one with cool tones! 

Each one features different finishes from matte and shimmer to glitters.

They can, therefore, be used separately or blended.

Let your imagination run wild! The most difficult thing will be choosing between HOT shades and ICE shades!  


Palette (01 hot), composed of 4 hot shades: 

1 matte brown + 1 copper shimmer + 1 gold glitter + 1 gold pearl glitter


Palette (02 hot), composed of 4 ice shades: 

1 matte black + 1 silver pink shimmer + 1 silver glitter + 1 silver pearl glitter


Contain 90%+ of natural ingredients!

100% vegan, talc free and micro-plastic free formulation. 


How to apply: Apply on the eyelids with the right make up brush for the desired result. 

01 HOT

02 ICE