1 MINUTE GEL-The Revolution in Gel Polish has arrived!

Gel Polish in 1 SIMPLE STEP, in 1 MINUTE only. Fast and Simple!

-No need for Base
-No need for Top Coat
-Led UV & Light
-Shiny Finish
-No Tacky Layer
-NEW Wide and Precision Brush with Round-Cut


Application Mode: 

-Use a buffer to prepare the nails.
-Apply a very thin layer of any 1 Minute Gel shade, catalyze 1 minute in LED light or 2 minutes in UV light (apply second layer, if necessary). It’s important to apply very thin layers, so that the gel polish fully catalyzes.

Removal Advice: 

-Use a buffer or file to remove the gel layer of the surface of the nail, being very careful not to reach the natural nail.

-Soak a piece of cotton with the Andreia Professional’s Gel Polish Remover, apply on the nail and wrap with foil.

-Place under LED or UV light for 5 minutes or let it act during 10 minutes without placing it under the light. Remove the remaining gel from the nail with the help of a file or an manicure stick.

Additional Notes: 

Attention, some shades can slightly darken after catalyzing.

The Andreia Professional tones are merely indicative, they may vary depending on the computer screen used for viewing them. Thus, Andreia Professional accepts no responsibility for tone variations that may arise.