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Bruna Gomes and Andreia Professional promise perfect eyebrows!

Following the success of the lipstick collection (no transfer) - Good Vibes by Bru - digital influencer Bruna Gomes has once again teamed up with Andreia Professional for a new launch. This time, they promise to transform the beauty routine with the Forever Browscara by Bru - a 3-in-1 brow mascara that combs, fills, and sets without the need for touch-ups.


"I am very excited to introduce my new collaboration with Andreia Professional. Brow mascara is my favorite makeup product; it's the one I can't do without, using it daily regardless of the occasion. What makes FOREVER BROWSCARA by Bru special is that it combines all the necessary features to achieve perfect eyebrows - it combs, fills, and fixes. It's also water-resistant and lasts all day! I can't wait for you to try it", explains Bruna Gomes.

"After the public's reaction to the lipstick collection, it was clear to everyone that this partnership would continue. Bruna has been amazing! She knows exactly what she wants and gets involved wholeheartedly in every process. For those who follow and know Bruna well, they will immediately see that this product is perfect for her.", adds Susana Palhares, Head of Marketing at Andreia Professional.

With a vegan formulation, Forever Browscara by Bru was specially developed for those seeking practicality and durability, as it is long-lasting and waterproof.

It is available in three shades:

01. Light Brown;
02. Medium Brown;
03. Dark Brown.